Niklas Wilson is a full stack developer capable in handling every aspect of engineering software including seting up databases, servers, clients, APIs and communication between them.

Server side web development
Knowledgable in using various serverside languages such as PHP, coldFusion and node.js to deliver dynamic web applications to users. This website is running on node.js.

Client side web development
Experience in using HTML, CSS (with bootstrap), Javascript and jQuery to create web pages.

Scripting Languages
Proficient in using scripting languages such as Python and Lua to collect, anyalze and utalize data from various sources such as social media APIs. Competent in automating proccess and multithreading tasks using Python and skillfull in using Lua to create dynamic display technology.

Mobile Applications
Ability to create mobile apps for the primary mobile operating systems. Using Java for Android apps and swift for iOS applications.

Desktop Applications
Able to create universal windows applications using C#.

Data Storage
Adept in using mySQL, JSON and XML in various applications to store and information for services and applications.

Niklas Wilson is certified by Comptia in the field of Information Technology.

Comptia A+ ensures that IT Professionals are prepared to troubleshoot and problem solve. It demonstrates that technicians understand a wide variety of issues including computer hardware, networking, operating systems, security and mobile devices. It provides IT Professionals with best pratices for safety, enviormental impacts, communication and professionalism. Technicians with this certification are also capable of identifying, using and connecting computer components and hardware.

Comptia IT Operations Specialist demonstrates knowledge in various aspects of information technology. Possessing the knowledge to identify computer hardware and components to create a cost effective IT infrastructure based on the needs of an organization. Understanding the functionality provided by components and the requirments of various computer technologies.

Niklas Wilson is certified by Comptia and Testout in the field of computer networking.

Comptia Network+ ensures that IT Professionals possess the knowledge and skills to design, implement and troubleshoot computer networks. It also certifies that IT Professionals know networking protocols, standards, security and how to support virtualized networks (VLANs).

Testout Network Pro ensures that IT Professionals encompass the knowledge and skills needed to install, configure, and maintain a network for a small business. TestOut uses advanced computer simulations to ensure IT Professionals are capable of performing real-world IT tasks.

Niklas Wilson has work experience in supporting a small business computer networks. His jobs as IT Specialist required him to support routers, switches, firewalls and workstations. Making sure devices are secure, operationable and up to date. This experience includes diagnosing/troubleshooting networking issues accross PPP links and communicating effectivly with ISPs.
  • Server side programming with PHP, coldFusion and node.js
  • Client side programming with JQuery, Javascript, HTML and CSS w/ bootstrap
  • Application programming with Python, C++, C# and Java
  • Application/Visual Presentation programming with Lua
  • iOS app development with Swift
  • Android app development with Java
  • Embedded application programming with C
  • Multithreaded programming with Python and Java
  • Data Storage with JSON, XML and mySQL
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Hardware